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The real politics of Europe versus Russia – avoidable danger for the United Kingdom

In all the ongoing battles between Georgia, Russia and the resolutions of the EU, it is worth looking at Bill Cash MP’s analysis in The European Journal as his new essay questions if the recent politics of Europe and Russia created an avoidable danger for the United Kingdom. Is the EU, after all, not simply a paper tiger on the global stage? He argues that the recent political episode of the Russo-Georgian conflict and the self-asserted role of Germany as the collective voice of the European Union in diplomatic talks have taught us all how valuable energy is in modern global politics. Cash writes: "Above all, the United Kingdom and the United States must have learned, that real diplomacy would have proven more valuable than any signals from the European Union, which the Russians rightly see as a paper tiger. This recent event has taught us that a Europe of associated nation states working together in an alliance but with the United Kingdom in a direct line to the United States on a basis of a special relationship within NATO needs to be revived.

See: The European Journal – October 2008.


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Bill Cash has been the Conservative Member of Parliament for Stone since 1997 and an MP since 1984.

He is currently the Chair of the European Scrutiny Committee and the founder member of the European Foundation...

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