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Sarkozy’s rescue package will cost every French household €15126 (£11758)

Even on a most conservative estimate, the average French household will contribute 15126 euros (£11758) to President Sarkozy’s financial rescue package.

If the French senate does commit to its 360 billion euro rescue package using public money, this will cost every French household, by my calculation, 15126 euros (£11758). If it does cost each French household just over fifteen thousand euros, it raises the question: can President Sarkozy really afford the financial package which is currently being offered?

The grandstanding by President Sarkozy to offer a trillion-euro package through the pan-European collective sounds impressive, but our problem is: can France afford this contribution and can indeed Europe afford its grand promises?

The French government may want to remember the debt imposed upon French and European taxpayers', how they are being governed within Europe and how much they are paying for it all.


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