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Bill Cash MP says Gael poll demonstrates the support for a No vote and the “strength of Ireland’s national democracy”

In response to the Gael Poll showing that the Lisbon Treaty would be heavily defeated in the second Irish referendum on 2nd October by a margin of 59% No to 41% Yes, the Chairman of the European Foundation, Bill Cash MP said:

“I welcome the new opinion poll which shows there is overwhelming support amongst the Irish people to kill of this treaty once and for all. “It is important that this Gael Poll polled 1,500 respondents drawn from several populations – in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Waterford, Kilkenny, Galway, Athlone, Tralee, Dundalk and Letterkenny – over a period of six days last week.”

“They have all been asked one single and impartial question – How do you intend to vote in the Lisbon Treaty Referendum? When you discount the ‘don’t knows’, the overwhelming majority of people would vote No in the referendum and a minority of 41% would vote Yes.

“This poll is accurate and historic because we know from the last Gael Poll, published in the Irish Sun on June 4th 2008 that the poll accurately predicted that the Lisbon Treaty would be defeated by a margin of 54% for the No side versus 46% for Yes campaigners, with the actual results accurately reflecting that poll, 53.4% saying No and 46.6% saying Yes. This has been the most accurate poll in the country.

“It goes to show that the real winner in Ireland’s second vote will be democracy. The poll shows that despite all the EU propaganda that has been brought on to the streets and pasted on the billboards, Ireland is still heading for a No vote. It signals the real strength of Ireland’s national democracy.

“There is of course immense support in the United Kingdom for a No vote in Ireland’s second referendum. The last UK poll showed that 88% of British people wanted a referendum. In fact, the next UK Government will take major steps after Ireland’s vote. If there is a No vote in Ireland, as 59% of Irish people insist, there will be no overall ratification of the treaty by all the EU member states.

“After an Irish No vote, the UK’s Conservative Party commitment to a referendum on the treaty would create obvious pressures for the British people to have one also. While the UK has already ratified, a Conservative government would unravel this undemocratic treaty by easily winning a No vote in a UK referendum, and withdrawing the UK’s ratification. The treaty will be dead."


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can we have a link to the GaelPoll please

I have not been able to verify the existence of this poll. It is very sgnificant...if is reliable and valid. Can someone offer a link?

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Bill Cash has been the Conservative Member of Parliament for Stone since 1997 and an MP since 1984.

He is currently the Chair of the European Scrutiny Committee and the founder member of the European Foundation...

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